Welcome to the Joint Steering committee Website.

The Joint Steering Committee was formed in 1990 between the South Carolina Section of the American Water Works Association (SCAWWA) and the Water and Pollution Control Association of South Carolina (now WEASC) to plan the 1991 South Carolina Environmental Conference (SCEC) which was the first joint venture of the two organizations. Since then, more joint collaborations have been embarked upon to include the South Carolina Water & Wastewater Agency Response Network (SCWARN), Confluence Conference and a joint website and quarterly publication. The Committees that pursue these collaborations fall under the supervision of the Joint Steering Committee and include:Communications Committee, Conference Management Committee, Emergency Preparedness Committee, Stormwater Committee and the Water Resources Committee.

The policy and procedures manual developed by the committee to govern the first SCEC has evolved over the years to cover all cooperative ventures between the two organizations including management of paid staff as well as the joint policies that affect both organizations such as the Conflict of Interest Policy and the Cooperative Advertising Agreement Policy.

The policy and procedures manual can be found in the "Policy & Procedures" section of this website.


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